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One of the key advantages of a bathroom corner washbasin is that it is unimaginably smaller than counter top wash basins and a perfect option for comparatively compact baths. We provide you with plenty of options to make a purchase of your choice, you can always pick from White and White Satin Matt color. These also come in coatings like IdealPlus, KeraTect, without Coating, and without IdealPlus.

Often with space mismanagement where other wash basins do not generally fit in or accommodate around narrow entrances, smaller bath cabins, or combined toilets with baths in a small zone like under staircases, lobby cut-outs, etc., small corner wash basins, hand wash basins with a cabinet make it a perfect fit.

Where bathrooms are unusually shaped with irregular corners, or free space is a scarcity, corner wash basins are best utilized to free up some area and utilize the otherwise dead space. These minimalistic hand wash basins are imaginatively designed for practical use and to make the most out of any limited space. Not just the space, these are also apt as per their functionality and style. The variety of models that corner wash basins come in are innumerable. You can buy these from any of your favorite or most trusted brands, which primarily include Alape, DURAVIT, Geberit, Ideal Standard, and Villeroy & Boch.

Buy a size that best fits your space

Choose a custom size based on its width and depth, best suited to your baths

These basins are available in different depths and width, with options in tap-holes, and overflow types thus making it a complete utility for your baths. Although the choices are limited than general ceramic washbasins, as an effective option to not miss out on the necessity of being able to install a basin in your compact baths the availability is sufficiently adequate.

The ceramics are easy to clean, and can be simply wiped off to a shining finish simply with a dry cloth. The added attractions are:

It is a perfect solution for small and compact spaces.

Have the ability to create a stylish focal point to attract eyeballs.

Helps increase usable work surface area.

Allows you to add up cabinets and more furniture (as per space).

Available in various colors and finishes.

Several style and series choices.


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